Can Birds Eat Weevils?

Have you ever wondered if birds can eat weevils? Weevils are small, beetle-like insects that are commonly found in stored grains and cereals. They may seem like pests, but can birds really benefit from the nutritional value of weevils? In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of eating weevils, talk about the foods you should avoid if they are weevil infested, and provide some tips on how to get rid of weevils.

Can Birds Eat Weevils?

The answer is yes! Birds can eat weevils, and they actually benefit from doing so. Weevils are packed with protein and other essential nutrients, making them a great source of nutrition for birds. Weevils also contain high levels of fat, which is essential for providing energy to birds. In addition to these nutritional benefits, weevils can also be a great source of entertainment for birds. They can be a fun snack for birds to play with, as they can hop and move around.

The Benefits of Eating Weevils

Eating weevils can provide birds with a variety of nutritional benefits. As mentioned previously, weevils are packed with protein, fats, and other essential nutrients. Eating weevils can also help birds maintain healthy bones and muscles, as they are a good source of calcium. Weevils are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, which can help birds stay healthy and strengthen their immune system.

Weevil Infested Foods to Avoid

While weevils can be a beneficial source of nutrition for birds, it is important to avoid foods that are infested with weevils. Weevils can contaminate grains, cereals, and other food items, so it is important to inspect any food item before feeding it to your bird. If a food item appears to have weevils, it should be discarded immediately. It is also important to store food items in airtight containers to prevent weevils from entering.

How to Get Rid of Weevils

Unfortunately, weevils can sometimes infest food items, even if they are stored in airtight containers. If this happens, it is important to get rid of the weevils as soon as possible. One way to do this is to freeze the weevils. Place the infested food item in the freezer for several hours, which will cause the weevils to die. Once the weevils are dead, you can discard the food item. Another way to get rid of weevils is to use a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the food item to remove the weevils and then discard the food item.


Weevils can be a great source of nutrition for birds, providing them with essential nutrients and fats. However, it is important to avoid foods that are infested with weevils and to get rid of them if they do infest food items. By following these tips, you can ensure that your bird is getting the nutrition it needs without having to worry about weevils.