Can Dogs Eat Chayote?

Can Dogs Eat Chayote?

Can dogs eat chayote? Many dog owners have wondered whether or not their dogs can eat chayote.The answer is yes dogs can eat chayote. However, it is not advisable for them to eat too much. In this article we will tell you the reasons why.

What Is Chayote?

Chayote is a fruit that is part of the cucurbitaceae family. It is also known as chow chow, christophene, chocho, mirliton, pipino, vegetable pear, and sechium edule.The shape of a chayote has been likened to a fist and it has a mild taste that balances between apple and cucumber.

Chayote originated in Mexico and Central America. It was brought to the United States by African slaves who grew it in their gardens.

Can Dogs Eat Chayote?

Dogs can eat chayote. It is from the squash family, making it safe and not toxic to dogs. However, they should not eat too much of it as it is a vegetable and not a fruit. Chayote is safe for dogs to eat, but they need to limit themselves to eating only a little bit to avoid any adverse side effects.

Can Puppies Eat Chayote?

Yes, but only small amounts. Although chayote is not very popular, it has many health benefits such as weight management, smooth digestion, and heart health. This can prove very useful to your growing puppy.


In conclusion, chayote can be fed to dogs without any problems. It can help boost both your dog’s and your puppy’s immune systems, but should not be given to either in small portions.

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