Can Dogs Eat Quesadillas?

Can Dogs Eat Quesadillas?

The question can dogs eat quesadillas has been asked many times over the years. The answer to this question varies depending on the ingredients in the quesadilla, but most people say that it is not recommended for dogs to eat quesadillas. And in this article we will breakdown everything you need to know about what ingredients you need to stay away from and what to do to keep your dog safe.

What Are Quesadillas?

Quesadillas are a Mexican dish which consists of a grilled tortilla with cheese, usually melted. The filling can vary from mild to spicy depending on the region and taste.

They are most popular in Mexico, Central America, and the United States. In the US, they are commonly served as a breakfast dish or as an appetizer or snack.

Most commonly, quesadillas consist of a grilled tortilla with cheese that is usually melted and folded over one another to form a half-moon shape. The filling can vary from mild to spicy depending on the region and taste.

What Ingredients Are In Quesadillas?

Quesadillas are made up of many different ingredients depending on the region that they are made. But some of the most commonly used ingredients are:

  • Cheddar cheese
  • Cotija cheese
  • Salsa verde
  • Guacamole
  • Monterey jack cheese
  • Chile con queso
  • Meats (Most Commonly: Chicken or Beef)

Can Your Dog Eat A Quesadilla?

It is not recommended that you feed your dog a quesadilla. The quesadilla is a high-fat, low-protein meal that can lead to health problems for your dog.

Quesadillas are made with flour tortillas, cheese, and usually some form of meat or vegetables. Dogs are generally unable to digest the carbohydrates in flour and cheese, which leads to gas and bloating. Additionally, the vegetables in a quesadilla have no nutritional value for dogs and can cause gastrointestinal upset if ingested.

However, some dogs can still enjoy quesadillas without any problem. If your dog loves quesadillas and you want to make sure that they are safe for them, check out the ingredients list to ensure there are no ingredients. Lastly, make sure that you do not serve your dog a quesadilla that is spicy, this is because this can cause your dog to be irritated and potentially upset their more sensitive stomachs.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats A Quesadilla?

If your dog ate a quesadilla, don’t panic and don’t try to force anything down their throat. You can give them water and wait for signs of sickness. If they’re showing any sign of sickness, you can call the vet and make an appointment for later in the day if possible.

Unless there are ingredients outside of the basic meat, cheese, and tortilla type of quesadilla, a single quesadilla should not do much harm.

Can Puppies Eat Quesadillas?

Puppies have a tendency to eat anything and everything. Sometimes, it can be difficult for the owner to monitor what their furry friend is eating. That is why if you do notice your dog eating a quesadilla you should not be too worried. The reason for this is that although your puppy should not eat a quesadilla, it will not harm them.

But, because puppies have sensitive stomachs and a strict diet, they might cause your pup to have digestive issues. With that being said, monitor your pup and if you do not see any signs of sickness then he should be perfectly fine.


Ultimately, it comes down to the ingredients in the quesadilla. If there are spicy peppers or other ingredients that your dog might be sensitive to, then keep them away from your quesadilla. But if it’s a simple, tortilla with meat and cheese, then your dog can eat it, but it’s not recommended since it can cause long-term issues and possibly short-term stomach issues. But the main point to take away is that your dog should not see any significant issues from stealing one quesadilla.

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