Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles?

Can Dogs Eat Sprinkles?

Can dogs eat sprinkles? This is a common question that many pet owners have asked themselves. The answer is yes, but it can be dangerous for your dog to eat sprinkles. In this blog post we are going to talk about why sprinkles are bad for dogs and how they can affect you pup.

What Are Sprinkles?

Sprinkles is a small, round chocolate topping that is often used as a decoration on desserts and baked goods.

Sprinkles has been around since the 1920s and was invented by Ruth Wakefield. It was originally called “chocolate jimmies” or “chocolate sprinkles.”

The word “sprinkles” is derived from the word “sprinkle” which means to scatter something sparingly over an area.

Are Sprinkles Bad For Dogs?

The answer to this question is not as straight forward as it may seem. As with many things in life, the answer varies depending on the circumstances. Some dogs are able to eat sprinkles in moderation without any adverse effects.

However, other dogs have a more sensitive digestive system and eating too much sugar can cause serious health problems. This is why it’s important to know your dog’s diet restrictions when making treats for them.

Can Puppies Eat Sprinkles?

Puppies are adorable, but they are also very curious. A lot of people wonder if it is okay for puppies to eat sprinkles or not.

Sprinkles are made of sugar, so they are not good for dogs because they can cause stomach upset and dental problems. That is why we always recommend keeping your puppy on a strict diet that is recommended by your vet.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Sprinkles

Many people enjoy sprinkles on their ice cream, but what do you do if your dog eats them?

If your dog has eaten sprinkles, it is important to know that the sugar content in the sprinkles can cause a spike in your dog’s blood sugar. This can lead to an increased heart rate, lethargy, and vomiting.

To avoid any of these symptoms, you should give your dog some water or milk.

You should also monitor your dog for signs of illness. If your dog is having trouble breathing, has hives, vomiting, diarrhea or if their heart rate is too high or too low, you should call the vet right away.


If your dog eats some sprinkles off of your cake or other dessert, it is not going to affect them in small amounts. But if they did eat a very large amount follow our steps above and contact a vet immediately to ensure that your furry friend stays safe.

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