Can Dogs Eat Egg Custard?

Can Dogs Eat Egg Custard?

Can dogs eat egg custard? This is a question that many dog owners have asked themselves.. It is important to know what your dog can and cannot eat. That is why this article will tell you everything you need to know about egg custard.

What Is Egg Custard?

A traditional egg custard mixture is made up of eggs, sugar, and milk. The ingredients are cooked together in a saucepan until the mixture becomes thick.

There are many benefits of egg custard. Two of the most popular ones are the low calorie content and the egg yolk in the dish provides a high source of protein The recipe typically calls for milk, sugar, and egg yolk. The entire dish has about 136 calories per serving.

How Is Egg Custard Made?

A simple custard can be made by heating milk or cream, adding an egg and a little sugar and then cooking it gently in a pan. It is considered healthier than other desserts because it is mainly made of milk and eggs. Egg custard doesn’t contain any added sugar which makes it diabetic friendly.

It doesn’t contain any added fat which makes it a healthier alternative to desserts such as ice-cream.

Can Dogs Eat Egg Custard?

Egg custard is not bad for dogs, so yes, dogs can eat egg custard.

Well, egg salad isn’t toxic to dogs, so they can eat it. But since egg salad contains a lot of salt, it’s not a good idea to feed it to your pup regularly. Too much salt can lead to stomach and kidney problems in dogs.

Egg custard can also cause unhealthy weight gain in dogs if they eat it in large amounts.

Can Puppies Eat Egg Custard?

Puppies can eat custard, but dog owners must be aware that there is a risk of food poisoning from the pup eating raw eggs.

What To Do If Your Dog Eats Egg Custard?

Some dogs can eat eggs without any issues. Others can’t. It depends on the dog.

If your dog ate some egg custard, you should try to find out more information on what kind of egg custard it is. If it’s a raw egg, then it’s probably not a problem, but if it’s a cooked egg, then you should contact your veterinarian, as this might make your dog very sick.


In conclusion, dogs can eat egg custard because it is not toxic to them. However, pet owners should keep in mind that not everything classified as not toxic for dogs is good for them. So eating too much egg custard is not recommended, as it may cause stomach upset in dogs.

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